We, Buhmwoo, established the codes of conduct and practice them, in order to provide top-quality products and service based on our Group’s ideology of foundation – ‘People-Oriented Management’ and ‘Contribution to Society’, and to get reliability and respect from the society through fair and transparent management as a company taking good roles the society.

5가지의 윤리경영 철학
Contribution to
Human Society
  Efforts for interest of
Customers and Shareholders
  Co-prosperity with Vendors   Respect for
Human Dignity
and Development of Human Resources
  Transparent Management
  • 01

    Contribution to Human Society

    We provide top-quality products and service and manage the company transparently to realize justice and fairness. We observe all the environment-related regulations, do actively for environmental protection, and take a social role through community support and volunteer activities.

  • 02

    Efforts for interest of Customers and Shareholders

    According to the ‘Customer First’ policy, we will practice to keep promises with customers focusing our thinking and behaviors on the satisfaction and value creation of customers. We strive for the profit of shareholders by maximizing the management efficiency.

  • 03

    Co-prosperity with Vendors

    We give fair opportunities to the vendors, and promote mutual interest and co-development through reasonable trade conditions. We male transactions with our vendors in equal positions, and neither make unreasonable requests nor our power by taking advantage of superior position.

  • 04

    Respect for Human Dignity and Development of Human Resources

    We build up matured organizational culture that labor and management cooperate based on mutual understanding with respect for individual human dignity. We make efforts to develop the capacity and personality of all employees, and support systematically to make our people proactive and creative.

  • 05

    Transparent Management

    We practice all the businesses in conformity with the regulations and with fair standards, and settle honest business culture through transparent management. We refuse any kind of unreasonable request from any stakeholder, which may impede the fairness and do not take any illegal interest.

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